W125 - Girl
with straw hat
W126 - Girl by  
W127 - Girl with a
bouquet of flowers
W128 - Girl with wrath
of flowers
W129 - Boy  
with basket
W130 - Theodor Eichler
W131 & W132 - Alfred König - Boy
throwing a snowball at a girl
W118 - Child
with blue-onion cup
W119 - child riding
stick by Hentschel
W120 - child in
newspaper cap
W121 - Meissen girl with
cat in her arms
W122 - child sleeping on a dog by
W123 - Meissen Hentschel
child with dog
W124 - Meissen girl
with doll stroller
Meissen W165 figural group of  two children playing with sand forms modelled by Hentschel
Meissen W166 Figural Group of Four kids with a doll on a bench by Hentschel
W161 - Lamas by Pilz
W162 - WWII plate
W165 - two children playing with sand forms
W166 - four kids with a doll on a bench
W134 - Playing in the waves
by P. Helmig
W137 - Polar Bear
W138 - Girl candle
W148 - Meissen Elephant
by Paul Walther
W154 - Boy and girl sitting on a flower
W160 - Goat
Meissen figure of a girl with flowers modelled by Hentschel W126
Meissen figure of the boy with the basket of grapes by Eichler W128
W111 - Meissen box with
cupid on top
W112- Meissen box
with doves
W113- Meissen box
with doves
W114 - Bother and
W115 - Blind Man's Bluff
Theodor Eichler
W116 - Meissen Clock
by Paul Helmig
W117 - Hentschel
figure girl with doll
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Each Meissen porcelain model, whether it's a single figurine, figural group, clock or vase, has a number incised in script on the bottom
next to the blue crossed swords mark. It's either a capital letter followed by numeric digits or just a numeric number.
In order to find a piece you are looking for, please select the first letter or digit of your model number:

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Meissen figure of Marabu bird W149
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W141 - Monkey
W142 - Pelican
W143 - Owls
W144 - Stork
W146 - Meissen Owl
on a wall
W147 - Pavian
by P. Walther
W146 Meissen Owl on a wall
Meissen dove figure W133
Meissen figursl group of the elephant and mahout modelled by Paul Walther W148
Meissen figural group Lamas W161
Meissen figure of stork (heron) W144
Meissen figural group Blind Man's Bluff W115 by  Theodor Eichler
Meissen figure of a girl with straw hat by Alfred Konig W125
Meissen small figurine of child with flower W164