T102, V132 - Hunter & Lady Falconer
T153 - Elephant
T158 - Night
T167 - Stag
T173 - Meissen
girl with cat & dog
T175 - Girl with
T2 - Girl in the
T5 - Chocolate
T6 - Cupid on
the bike
T13 - Vase by
T17 - Two cherubs
making sausage
T53 - Triton / Neptune
capturing a nymph
T54 - Nymph and Triton
by Paul Helmig
T185 - Reclining nude with the
mirror by R. Ockelmann
T187 - Meissen figure
by Hentschel
T200 - Clock
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Each Meissen porcelain model, whether it's a single figurine, figural group, clock or vase, has a number incised in script on the bottom
next to the blue crossed swords mark. It's either a capital letter followed by numeric digits or just a numeric number.
In order to find a piece you are looking for, please select the first letter or digit of your model number:

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Meissen Art Nouveau vase T80
/Meissen T103 female figure by Theodor Eichler
Meissen vase model number T77
Meissen T54 Nymph and Triton by Paul Helmig
Meissen group T53  Triton / Neptune capturing a nymph
T60 - Vestal and
T62 - Girl with dog
Jacob Ungener
T63 - Girl with
T66 - Meissen Covered Jar
T68 - Girl with
T77 - vase
T80 - vase
T93, T93x - cupids
Meissen figural group Vestal and Cupid T60
Meissen Art Nouveau porcelain figure of a girl with the basket and the dog by Jacob Ungener. Model T62
Meissen vase T13 designed by Hentschel
Meissen porcelain figure Girl with Doves. Model T63
Meissen figure of elephant
Meissen figure of Chocolate Girl T5
Meissen figure T2
Meissen nude girl with mirror T185