Feodor Rückert was born in Germany in 1840. Emigrated to Russia at the age of 14 to work for Yusupov family. For thirty years, from 1887 when the Moscow branch of
Fabergé opened, until the Revolution in 1917, the year of his death, Rückert was the only workmaster for cloisonné enamel in the Fabergé firm. He produced highly
original works of exceptional quality while also supplying other retailers such as Ovchinnikov and Kurlyukov and selling much of his production direct to the consumer.
Although of Western background, Rückert incorporated traditional Russian forms and motifs in his work. By the turn of the century, the Old Russian stylistic elements of
his objects were mixed with refreshing Art Nouveau devices, a natural combination as both styles were based on arabesque and foliate forms.
The following are example of kovshi made by Ruckert. You can click on each picture to enrage:
The following are some examples of cloisonne boxes made by Ruckert:
Ruckert produced a wide range of objects:  tea sets, cups, spoons, cigarette cases, vases, belt buckles, card boxes::
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