Sleep of Sorrow by Monti
22". Very Rare
Parian Copeland figural groups Morning and Night by Monti
28/25". Very Rare
Golden Age by W. Beattie
18 1/2". Very Rare.
Rebekah by W. Theed
19". Rare
Ruth by W. Theed
20". Rare
Lady Godiva by Monti
22". Rare
Fisher Girl by John Rogers
Extremely rare
Sabrina by Marshall
12". Common
Ino and the infant Bacchus by Foley
21" in length. Very Rare
Eve and Serpent by Venne
12 1/2". Very Rare
Egeria by Foley
29". Very rare
Innocense by Foley
16 1/2". Rare
Reading Girl by MacDowell
13". Common
Penelophon by Brodie
27". Common
The Infancy of Jupiter
19 1/4". Very rare. c1871
Corinna by Brodie
22". Very Rare
Peace by Papworth
22". Rare
Net Mender by Wyon
18". Very Rare. 1873
Nubian Water Bearer
21" or 17". By Cumberworth
Indian Girl  by Cumberworth
22". Very Rare
Fisherman by Cumberwort
22". Very Rare
Emily and White Doe
19". Very Rare. By Miller
Dancing Girl Reposing
18 1/2". By  Marshall
Ino and Bacchus
18 1/2". By  Malempre
Early Struggles
18". By  Malempre
Cottage Girl
14 1/2". By  Malempre
21 1/2". By Malempre
19". By Malempre
The Reaper
22 1/2". By Malempre
15 1/2". By Malempre
Marguerite by Sarah Terry
21". From Goethe's Faust
Burns and Highland Mary
19" By W. Beattie
Psyche by W.Theed
16". Very rare
Fairy Cap by Papworth
13". Very rare
Narcissus by John Gibson
12". Very rare
Copeland Parian Figure
12". Very Rare
12 1/2". Very rare. c1860
Paul by Cumberworth
15". Rare.
Paul and Virginia
12". By Cumberworth
Virginia by Cumberworth
15". Rare
13 1/2". Common
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Parian porcelain figural groups Morning and Night modeled by Monti
Parian Copeland figure of Riverside by Owen Hale
Musidora by  W. Theed
17 1/2". Rare
Venus by John Gibson
17". Common
Stepping Stones by Wyon
19 1/2". Very Rare
Daphne by M. Wood
22". Very rare. c1862
Riverside by Owen Hale
17". Rare. 1881
Parian Copeland figure of Daphne by M. Wood
Parian Copeland figure Stepping Stones
Parian figure Musidora by Copeland. Sculptor: W. Theed