The Meissen monkey band was first introduced by Meissen in mid 18th century. It became extremely popular
with collectors, and has been reproduced by Meissen ever since.
The set consists of 22 figures including 21 monkey musicians and a conductor's music stand.
The model numbers 1 through 21 are incised under each figurine next to the blue crossed swords mark.
The value depends on age, quality and condition.
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Meissen Monkey Band
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1. Conductor
2. Cellist
3. Kettle drummer
4. Clarinetist
5. Trumpeter
6. Violinist
7. Female singer
8. Bagpiper
9. French horn player
10. Female singer
11. Flautist
12a. Drummer for the kettle drums
12b. Triangle player
13. Female singer
14. Drummer with pipe
15. Lyre player
16. Guitarist
17. Female singer
18. Bassoonist
19. Pianist
20. Harpist
21. Music stand