1 - Aphrodite
2 - Neptune - Meissen Group
107 - Meissen Tailor on Goat
32 - Apollo & Minerva
33 - Parcae
15,16 - Soldiers
3 - Apollo Chariot - Meissen Group
14 - Diana Chariot Deers
22 - Meisse Chariot Figural Group
H71 - Three Graces
A66 - Hunt  group
K44 - Lesson in Love
J70, J82 - Meissen groups of cupid punished
Meissen Coronation Tureen
Meissen group 28 - Venus in Chariot with swans
Meissen figural group 29 - Jupiter Chariot with eagles
Apollo Chariot - Meissen figural group with hourses and cupid 3
Meissen group 30 - Mercury Chariot
Meissen figural group Appollo and Minerva
Meissen Chariot 31
Meissen Sphinx with cherub 17
Meissen group Sultan on Elephant
Meissen figural group with soldiers on elephants
Meissen Sphinx 17
Meissen Sultan on Elephant
Meissen Ewers - 4 Elements
T102, V132 - Hunter & Lady Falconer
Meissen group Three Graces H71
Meissen figural group H95 Cupids market
Meissen Ewers - 4 Elements
28 - Venus in Chariot with swans
29 - Jupiter Chariot with eagles
30 - Mercury Chariot
31 - Meissen Chariot Group
L134,L135 - Day Night
Large Meissen figurl group Hunt A66
Meissen Coronation Tureen
Meissen Tailor on Goat
J70, J82 - Meissen figural groups of cupid punished
Meissen figural group - Diana in Chariot with Deers 14
Large Meissen figural group O126 Three Fates by Andresen
Meissen group J186 - Day
Meissen group J187 - Morning
Meissen group H191 - Night
Meissen group H195 Evening
H191 - Night
H195 - Evening
J186 - Day
J187 - Morning
O126 - Three Fates
T102, V132 - Meissen Hunter and Lady Falconer horseback with hounds
Large Meissen cupids L134,L135 - Day and Night
Each Meissen model, whether it's a single figurine, figural group, clock or vase, has a number incised in script on the bottom
next to the blue crossed swords mark. It's either a capital letter followed by numeric digits or just a numeric number.
If you can not find your Meissen figure on this page, please select the first letter of your model number from the list below:
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Large Meissen figural groups and statues.
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Meissen K44 Lesson in love Figural Group with girls and cupids.jpeg