During late 19th and early 20th century, Hutschenreuther porcelain factory was the primary provider of blank porcelain plaques
and plates for dozens of porcelain decorating studios that operated in Germany.
As a mark, the factory used either a shield or a circle with letters CMHR in it. Most Hutschenreuther plaques have one of these
marks impressed on the back. But quite a few do not.
rectangular Hutschenreuther plaque, however, has a three digit numeric code impressed or hand written on the back.
This code indicates the size of the plaque and is ALWAYS present. Once you see a three digit number on the back of a
rectangular plaque, you know it was made by Hutschenreuther.
The following are the most popular sizes along with their corresponding codes:
107 -   6” by 4”
311 -   7” by 5”
322 -   8 1/2" by 6"
324 -   8 1/2 by 5 1/2"  or 8 1/4" by 5 3/4"
388 -   9" by 6"
808 -  10” by 7”
390 -  13" by 10"
Why were these particular numbers used? One theory is that these numbers represent the sum of plaque's length and width in
millimeters. For example, 311 millimeters equal about 12 inches. Number 311 was used to mark 7" by 5" plaques. 7 plus 5 equals
12 inches or 311 millimeters.
Some other numbers, such as 388 for 9" by 6" plaques, help confirm this theory.
However, other numbers do not match up. According to the above theory, the plaques that are 6" long and 4" wide should have
been impressed with number 254 which is the sum of their length and width in millimeters. Instead, these plaques are marked 107.
107 millimeters is about 4 inches though. Is it possible that in some cases the three digit code is simply the width of the plaque in
Regardless of their origin, the three digit codes are standard. And the most important lesson here is that a porcelain plaque does
not have to have the shield or circle mark on its back in order to be recognized as Hutschenreuther. All it needs to have is a
certain three digit code that corresponds to its actual size.  So if you own a rectangular plaque that's 7" by 5" and has number 311
on its back, it's 100% guaranteed to be made by Hutschenreuther.
Oval plaques.
While all rectangular Hutschenreuther plaques have a 3-digit number on the back, oval Hutschenreuther plaques have a 2-digit or
single digit number. Same purpose  - size code.  
The following are the most popular sizes along with their corresponding codes:
3   -   7" by 5"
12 -   5” by 4”
15 -   3 1/2" by 2 3/4"
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