Home Team after Arthur Elsley
12x10".Oct'05. Private. $10,000
KPM plaque Dance after Rosenthal
19 x 11 ¼". Apr'02. Christie's. $24,000
Music Lesson
12.5 x10". Sep'08. Private. $10,000
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Three ladies / Art signed C. Kield
16 x 12". Sep'15. Christie's. 10k
Girl sleeping on dog after Arthur Elsley
15x12". Nov'99. Private. $12,000
KPM Plaque "Bound for Life"
15x12". Feb'03. Private. $10,000
Interior scene
14.5 x 11".
Van Mieris
May'14. RDFA. $7,000
Music lesson
13x11". By G. Peetz
Sep'03. Freeman's. 6.5k
Dutch Painting
11x7.5" by E.Enz
May'00. Christie's. 2k
Girl Reading Letter
16x12" after
Oct'02. Private. $8,000
Herringseller & maid by Schmidt
19 x 16". After
Gerrit Dou
Oct'08.Christie's. 14k
Cavalier after Van Mieris
12.5x10". By Peetz, Dresden
Oct'14. Bonhams. $5,500
Artist's Studio by L. Sturm
19 x 16". After
Van Mieris
Oct'12. Levy. 9k
KPM after Old Masters
15x12". After
G. Dou
Feb'09. Pook. 6k
13 x 11" after
Oct'04. Sotheby's. 8.5k
Dutch Scene
15x12". After
May'02. Sothebys. 8k
Violin player
15 x 12". After
Gerrit Dou
Mar'05. Private. 6k
Metsu and his wife
15x13". After
Jan'13. Private. 5k
Out Shopping
16" x 10"
Aug'04. Private. 8k
By the Window
15 ½ x 9 ¾"
Sep'06. Doyle. 13k
9x6". By E. Berscheicht
Oct'06. Private
Rubens and His Wife
15" x 12". By Maltz
Apr'05. Christie's. 12k
The Wine Glass
13 x 8" after
Feb'06. Private. $4,500
Card Players
7½ x 10". After Caravaggio
Oct'04. Christie's. $6,500
Turkish card players by Schumel
13" x 10 ½ ".
Thallmaier label
Apr'03. Private. $8,500
Violinist by Schmidt
Oct'08. Christie's. Est 20k
After Frans van Mieris
12x9". By Louis Eckardt  
Sep'04. Nagel. $5,200
Two Girls with a book
10 ¾".  F. Wagner, Vienna
Apr'06. Sothebys. $11,000
Serenade by T. Sturm
13 x 11 ¼"
May'98. Private. $8,000
16 x 13 ¼".
Mar'05. Freeman. $17,000
Lion Hunt after Rubens
14 ½ x 12".
By  A. L. Eckardt, Dresden
Oct'00. Christie's. $8,000
Tanzende Bauern by Thallmaier
10 x 12 ½". After David Teniers The Younger
Apr'05. Christies. $15,600
11" high. Unsold.
Aug'06. Sothebys. 4k
Lady at her toilet
15x12" after
May'03. Christie's. 6k
11 x 9" by
Th. Koenig
Apr'07. Private. $4,000
Mother and a baby
9 x 6" by
Henry Bucker
Nov'07. Private. $3,000
Man writing a letter
9x6". After
C. Netscher
Sep'04. Freeman. 2k
Othello after Carl Becker
16 ½" wide. By Julius Greiner
Apr'06. Sothebys. $17,000
Romeo & Juliette
9x6" by Kray after Makovsky
May'10. Private. 3k
Othello after Carl Becker
23 ¼ x 18 ½". By Stadler
Sep'04. Christie's. $20,000
Jan Hus pleading case of Utraquists to Council
14 ½ x  20 ½". After Karl Friedrich Lessing
Sep'04. Freeman. 12k
Hussite Sermon
20 x 14". After Lessing
May'14. Private
Jan Hus
20 x 14". After Lessing
May'14. Private
12" x 15". After
May'04. Bonhams. 8k
The Hunters' Farewell
12" x 15". After
Nov'02. eBay. $5,500
Difficult Choice after Grützner
10 x 12 ½". Signed Heigel
Sep'04. Christie's. $3,500
Tyrolean peasants tavern dancing
13 ¼" wide
Apr'06. Sothebys. $11,000
KPM plaque "Tyrolian Inn"
22" x 16". After
Oct'00. Private. $15,000
Woman by window
Jul'08. Clars. Est 3k
Woman in rose garden
Jul'08. Private. 4k
Little Red Riding Hood
12.5x10" by R. Beyschlag
Oct'10. Sothebys. 6k
Mother with baby
19x11.5" by L. Sturm
Sep'16. Skinner. 12k
On the Balcony
9 ½ x 6". By R. Wagner
Jul'06. Ebay. $5,500
KPM plaque - Argument
12 x 7"
Mar'01. Private. $6500
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