KPM fakes can be divided in two categories.
There seems to be at least two or three shops, most likely located somewhere in Asia, that are currently producing hand painted
porcelain plaques. While these plaques are marked with a scepter and word KPM underneath it,  these
marks are different from the genuine KPM mark that was used by Berlin Porcelain Manufacture in the
second half of 19th century. That plus the fact that the quality of the paintings is quite poor, make such
fakes easy to spot, especially when you can see them in person. It is a bit harder to do when you are
trying to buy things on-line though. I would recommend always asking a seller for good close-up pictures
of both the painting and the mark.  If the seller can not or will not provide such photos or, once he does, you find something looking
suspicious, just DO NOT buy the damn thing! Better safe than sorry.
The second category of fakes is plaques produced by legitimate  porcelain manufacturers, both old and new, such as Dresden,
Limoges or Hutschenreuther, where the original mark or stamp has been removed and a fake KPM mark has been applied. If such
'job' was done by a good restorer, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. While the poor quality of the painting is often a
give-away, some of these plaques are very well painted, especially the old ones. Sometimes even a very careful  buyer gets fooled.
On the other hand, many collectors simply don't care whether the plaque is marked KPM or not, as long as it's antique and the
painting is good...
There seem to be at least a couple of fake KPMs for sale on eBay every week. Not every dealer who's selling a fake is a fraud.
Many have no idea. But some know exactly what they are doing. There are a couple of sellers who clearly "specialize" on Category II
The following are some examples of what not to buy. I hope this article has been helpful. If you would like to make a comment or add
something on the subject, please
Contact Us. Thanks.
13 ½" x 21 ½".
Aug'04. eBay. $2,000
5 x 3 ¾".
Aug'04. eBay. $750 ask
6 ¼ x 4½
Aug'04. eBay. $750
Nude riding a wave
7" x 10".
Apr'03. eBay. $1,000
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