A Secret
13" x 8". Framed.
Oct'04. Private. 5k
Children with xylophone
10" x 7 ½"
Oct'01. Christie's. 5k
Music lesson
12 x 10". By Walther  
Sep'04. Nagel. $6,000
Hansel & Gretel
9 ¼" x 6 ¼". By Wunsch
Aug'05. eBay. $4000
Bath time
6 x 4". By K. Weigel
Jan'08. Private. 2k
Girl with strawberries
9 x 6"
Jul'11. Private. 4k
Kids with toy boat
12.5 x 10"
Nov'10. Christie's. 10k
Girl sleeping on the dog
15x12". After
Arthur Elsley
Nov'99. Private. 12k
Dice Players
15 ½ x 13". After
Current value: $5000
The Little Fruit Seller
12 ½ x 10". After
Feb'06. Hatch. $7,500
Grape and Melon Eaters
12 ½ x 10". After
Current value $2,000
The Pie Eater
16 x 13". After
Current value: $3,000
The Toilette
15x13". After
Jan'05. Skinner. $4,000
H. Fourment & her son
14" x 12". After Rubens
Mar'05. Private. 7k
Rubens' sons
11x9". H Bucker
May'08 Bonhams 3k
Bonheur Maternel
10x7½". After
Van den Bos
Apr'05. Christies. 6k
Royal Children of Charles I
10 ¾" x 8 ½". After Van Dyke
Apr'05. Christie's. $5,000
Princess Beatrice
12.5 x 8.5"
Sep'10. Christie's. 8k
Charles and Mary
7 x 5"
Jan'08. Private. $3,000
Home Team
12" x 10". After
Arthur Elsley
Oct'05. Private. $10,000
I'se Biggest
12x10". After
Arthur Elsley
Jun'08. Ebay. $8,000
9x6" Bouguereau
Oct'06. Private. 5k
Broken Jar
9 x 6". Bouguereau
Jul'10. Private. 5k
Little Beggars
13x8". Bouguereau
Jul'06. Private. 5k
KPM plaque Napoleon and his family
12.5" by 10". Signed Wagner
Nov'02. Private. $7,500
Children blowing bubbles
12 x 10"
Oct'05. Bonhams. $5,000
KPM plaque boy and girl
12.5" x 10"
Jun'07. Private. $5,500
Two children with the book
Feb'02. Private. 5k
KPM Cildren Plaque
Jul'11. Private. 6k
Girl with a cat
May'06. Private. $3,500
Girl with apple
Oct'05. Private. $3k
Boy with orange
Mar'11. Private. $3k
Girl portrait
May'11. Private.2k
KPM Girl portrait
9 x 6"
Jul'10. Private. 4k
Seller of matches
9 x 6"
Jul'03. Private. 2k
Italian musicians
Sep'08. Private. 4k
Kids after Defregar
May'12. Private. 4k
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