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It's getting harder and harder for both sellers and buyers to do any business on eBay.
Scams are on a rise. Bidders get constantly contacted by some con artists offering identical
pieces for sale at a lower price, sometimes even pretending to be the eBay seller.  People
become very hesitant to bid, pay and even answer their emails.  Skinner presents a nice  
alternative, but you have to wait for a very long time to get your piece listed there and then
collect your money. And that's after paying a high fee! Besides, if you are not in New England,
you have to ship your items there which is always a hassle. Unfortunately, none of the other
major auction houses specialize in Wedgwood.
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Blue Jasper Bough Pot
12". Minor damages. c1800
May'04. Bonhams. $3,500
Black Jasper Vase
11 ½". Handles repaired.19c
Jul'04. Skinner. $1,600
Basalt bust Mercury
18" Perfect Condition, 19c
May'04. Sotheby's. $2,500
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