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This dessert service DES PETITES VUES DE FRANCE painted with views from all around the France, was ordered by King Louis Philippe for use at the
Palais des Tuileries, and was produced between 1833 and 1852. The first delivery in 1833 comprised 133 pieces at a total cost of 18,160 francs. The
majority of the landscapes were painted by Jean-Baptiste-Gabriel Langlacé, Nicolas-AntoineLebel and Jean-Charles Develly. For a detailed list of this
first delivery, see Serge Grandjean et Marcelle Brunet, Les Grands Services de Sèvres, Exhibition Catalogue, Paris, 1951, p.51.
A supplement of 115 plates was delivered to the Assemblée nationale on 11 December 1846. and a third addition to the service of 161 plates was
delivered to Général Louis Eugène Cavaignac on 24 July 1848. A further 59 plates to complete the service were delivered to the Tuilleries Palace 31
January 1852.
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