Under the directorship of Alexandre Brongniart, work on the Forestier service began on January 30th, 1834.
6 painters at the Royal Manufactory worked on the service; Alphonse Robert, Jean-Baptiste Gabriel Langlacé, Nicolas Antoine Le Bel, Jean-Charles
Develly and Antoine Achille Poupart.
Between 1834 and 1840, the factory made 140 plates, the first 2 of which were sent for sale on 18th July 1835, and sold immediately to Baron Roger
the elder for two hundred francs each.
61 plates were exhibited at the 1835 'Exposition des Produits des Manufactures' at the Louvre, with further pieces, including shaped wares, being
exhibited in 1838, also at the Louvre. On 28th December 1850 sixty plates, and other pieces from the service were sent as a gift to Sultan Abdul
Mejid I (1838-1861), and in March 1852 the remainder of the service was sent to the department of the Navy.
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