The end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century saw ongoing research into botanical speciments resulting in beautifully printed folios of exotic
flowers. The well-known botanical illustrator Pierre Joseph Redouté's celebrated work, "Les Liliacées," 1802-16, is the source for the species depicted
on this service, which was made by the Sèvres factory for King Louis XVIII.
This is the only plate known to date to exist from the service, much of which was likely destroyed when the Tuileries Palace was looted during the July
Revolution of 1830. If you have another plate from this service, please contact us, as we would appreciate a photo that we would like to add to this page.
This plate is decorated with a bright pink flower identified in the border as "Velthimia glauque," or Western Cape Sand Lily.
The border ornamentation consists of groups of two liliaceous plants linked with a convolvulus in brown heightened with gold and set against a pale blue
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