The set of 24 plateswas painted by Le Bel after Thienon with the most important landscape views of Vendée and the château de Clisson
("représentant les sites les plus remarquables du Bocage de la Vendée et du château de Clisson, les paysages peints par Le Bel d'après l'ouvrage
de Thienon.")
The plates accompanied a déjeuner, both of which were exhibited in the annual exhibition of Sèvres porcelain held at the Louvre in January 1819.
The plates and service entered the sale room 17 December 1818 (Registre Vv 1, folio 115, no 21) and was offered to the duc d'Angoulême in
December 1818 (Registre Vbb 5, folio 18).
The tower at Oudon marks the site of an 11th century castle, this fortress on the banks of the Loire was besieged several times, notably in 1230 and
1234. The tower structure itself was rebuilt in 1392 and refortified several times thereafter, until it fell into ruin in late 18th and early 19th century. In
1866, it was classified as an historic monument.
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