Ukrainian Boy and Girl figures by Spiess
Figures of Boy of Girl with Flowers
Boy with a fruit basket
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The following is a list of items designed by August Spiess at Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory, St Petersburg:
Children with nutcracker
Boy with fish and a cat
Girl with flowers and a dog
Figure of Girl with the cat
English | Pусский
Dancing Peasant
Figure of Peasant Woman
Women with the bird nest
    Fisherman's Family
Russian Peasant's Family
Woman selling flowers
Fish Seller
Russian woman with baby
Moral Lesson mark
Reading Lesson
Figural groups with children playing, August Spiess, Imperial Porcelain Factory, period of Alexander II
Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory figural group Children with the apple (Boy and Girl) designed by Spiess. Circa 1860.
Russian Imperial Porcelain figural group Fisherman's Family by Spiess
Imperial Russian Porcelain figural group Girl with dog by Spiess 1860
Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory figure of Cavalier. Spiess and Daladugin
Lady with mask and Gentleman - Daladugin after Spiess
19th cen. Imperial porcelain figures - Period of Nicholas I (1825-1855)
Russian Iperial porcelain figure of Chinaman c.1840
Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory figure of Molier c.1840
Allegorical figural groups with cherubs Spring and Winter from the series "4 Seasons"
  Cigar stand "Elephant"