Russian Silver Shaded Enamel Kovsh
8 ¼". Semyonova. c1910
Oct'03. Sotheby's. Est $4,000
Silver Enamel Kovsh
7". Samoshin. c1910
Apr'08. Sotheby's. Est 10k
Cloisonne Kovsh
5 ½". Fabergé. c1910  
Jul'08. Sotheby's. E 15k
Gilded Silver Enamael Kovsh
4". Faberge. c1900
Apr'08. Sotheby's. Est $10,000
Peacock Form Kovsh
9 ½". Ovchinnikov. 1910
Oct'02. Sotheby's. Est 12k
Kovsh after Vasnetsov
H 15". Cheryatrov
Apr'05. Sotheby's. E 15k
Large Russian Enameled Kovsh
11". Ruckert. c1900  
Apr'06. Sotheby's. Est 40k
Cloisonne Russian kovsh
Maria Semenova
May'06. Skinner. $5,500
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Russian Silver Enamel Kovsh
7". Maria Semyonova
Apr'14. Sotheby's. 13k
Silver Enamel Kovsh
5". Khlebnikov
Apr'14. Sotheby's. 8k
Guilloché, Champlevé and
Plique-à-Jour Kovsh 7.5"
Khlebnikov.  Christie's. 5k
Cloisonne with
en plein. 7" high
Chr 6/1/15