Pattern 256
Kornilow plate
Pattern 261
Pattern 272
Unknown Pattern
Kornilov Bros tea set
Pattern 273
Kornilow plate
Pattern 274
Bilibin subject #5
Pattern 276
Kornilow dish with bear painting
277 - Sauce Boat
Pattern 278
Cup with horse handle
Pattern 44
Covered bowl
Pattern 46
Kornilov plate
Pattern 47
Crown ornament
Pattern 67 - Dish with
painting of children
Patter 77
Karazin plate
Patter 78
Kornilov plate
Kornilow Brothers porcelaib kovsh. Pattern 245.
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Kornilov teapot with bear handle 351
Pattern 350
Dish Imperial Eagle
Pattern 351
Teapot with bear handle
Pattern 374
Egg cup
Border pattern 375
Fish platter
Pattern 380
Kornilow bowl
Armorial plate
Pattern 123
Cup with horse handle
128 - Dish with
double headed eagle
131 - Kornilow Brothers porcelain
Kornilow Brothers porcelain kovsh - border pattern 131
Kornilov Cup and saucer with horse handle 123
Kornilow (Kornilov) Brothers (Bros.) produced dinner, tea sets and other service wear in Russian folk style also referred to as Pan-Slavik style
in late 19th and early 20th century St Petersburg, Russia.
The majority of production was for export to North America where the company struck distribution agreements with leading retailers such as
Tiffany in New York, Bailey Banks & Biddle Co in Philadelphia, Shreve & Company in San Francisco, Jaccard Jewelry Co in Kansas City.
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The following is a list of numbered border patterns used by the factory:
Kornilov Cofee Pot
Kornilov Bros tea set
Pattern 1
Kornilow egg cup
Pattern 2
Kornilov Teapot
Pattern 6
Kornilov egg cup
Pattern 12
Kornilov cup saucer
Kornilov Plate with double eagles 138
414 - Egg Cup
415 - Teapot
417 - Cup
Candle Holder
Pattern 141
Bilibin scene
Pattern 142
Karazin plate
Pattern 177
Cup and Saucer
178 - Teapot
Kornilov plate with hunting scene Karazin 142
Pattern 184
Kornilov plate
Patter 192
Pattern 210
Crest of City of Harkov
Pattern 218
Kornilov sugar bowl
Pattern 220
Kornilov cup and saucer
Pattern 221
Antique Russian Porcelain by Kornilov Brothers, St. Petersburg
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Kornilow Brothers plate with fish by Galnbek
Pattern 287
Kornilov fish plate
Pattern 288
Kornilov bird plate
Pattern 289
Kornilov bird plate
Pattern 333
Coffee Pot
Pattern 335
Kornilov bird plate
Pattern 345
Bilibin plate
Kornilov Sauce boat 277
12 plates and a large 17.5" long platter with whimsical depictions of native Russian birds designed by Ivan Galnbek.
Most shown with border patterns # 288 (red) or # 289 (green).
Large porcelain platter by Kornilov Brothers. Birds.Galnbek
Kornilow Brothers plate with bird by Galnbek
Various whimsical scenes with Russian bear designed by Ivan Galnbek.
These scenes were used not only on plates, but also tea sets (cups and saucers, teapots, creamers, sugars, etc.)
Kornilow plate. Bear with the drum
Kornilov plate with a painting of a Russian bear
Kornilow Brothers plate with bear and children
Kornilov porcelain dish. Bear and children
Kornilow sugar bowl with bear painting
12 Kornilov plates with Russian fairy tale paintings after Bilibin. Within various pan-slavic borders. Two numbers inscribed on the back.
First number 1 thru 12 represents one of the 12 Bilibin paintings, second indicates the border pattern.
Kornilow Brothers porcelain plate #9 by Bilibin
Bilibin Plate 1/140
Bilibin Plate 2/140
Bilibin Plate 3/140
Bilibin Plate 4/247
Pattern 85
Pattern 97
Plate wolves
Pattern 98 - Dish with
double headed eagle
Pattern 99
Kornilov egg cup
Pattern 114
121 - Cup with
horse handle
Kornilov plate with wolves
Kornilov egg cup and saucer with horse handle 121
Pattern 21
Child after E.Bem
Pattern 26
Plate with cypher
Pattern 35
Kornilov egg cup
Pattern 37
Kornilov cup & saucer
Pattern 38
Russian Kornilov Plate
A set of 12 armorial plates each decorated with the coat of arms for a Russian city including Astrakhan, Chernigov, Kazan, Kharkov, Kiev,
Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Poltava, Pskov, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and Yaroslavl within various borders (shown here within border # 218).
Please note that this type of decoration was also used on teasets.
Pattern 132
Kornilow cup and saucer
Pattern 136
Sugar Bowl
Pattern 138
Plate with double eagles
Pattern 139
Plate Bilibin #5
Pattern 140
Kornilov plate Bilibin
Kornilow plate. Child painting after Bem
Kornilov plate with genre scene depicting small children in 17th century Russian costumes, traditional Russian proverbs and folklore poems after postcards by Elizaveta Bem.
12 genre scenes depicting small children in 17th century Russian costumes,
traditional Russian proverbs and folklore poems after postcards designed by Elizaveta Bem.
Kornilov plates with traditional Russian scene after Karazin
Kornilov Brothers plate Bilibin 12/247
Kornilow plate 229
229 - Plate
Pattern 230
Pattern 237
Pattern 245
Kornilow Bros Porcelain Kovsh
Pattern 247
Kornilow plate - Bilibin
Korniov porcelain teapot. Pattern 252
Kornilov fish plate. Porgie porgy  ????.
Kornilow fish plate with swordfish. Kornilov porcelain..Galnbek
12 Kornilov Brothers plates and a large dish with whimsical depictions of native Russian fishes designed by Ivan Galnbek.
Most with border pattern #288, two with #289. The 21" long platter has border pattern #375.
Kornilov sauce boat with bird painting
Kornilov plate with genre scene depicting small children in 17th century Russian costumes, traditional Russian proverbs and folklore poems after postcards by Elizaveta Bem.