This series of 74 large porcelain figures representing various nationalities of Russian Empire was created by Pavel Kamensky at Imperial Porcelain Factory,
St Petersburg between 1907 and 1917. The series was commissioned by czar Nicholas II to commemorate 300 years of the Romanov rule and initially was
supposed to consist of 400 figurines, but the ambitious project was cut short by the Revolution of 1917.
The idea was not new though. There was another
older series People of Russia produced by Russian Imperial Porcelain factory in late 18th century.
Also, please note that in addition to 74 large figures by Kamensky, there were dozens of smaller versions of these figurines made both before and after the
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 Kachin               Yakut                               Buriat                             Ostyak                         Cheremis                           Mordva                         Samoyed
        Kirgiz                     Koryak                   Nanain                           Aleut                     Vogul                   Lamut                    Zrian                        Lopar
Chukcha Man & Woman         Sayon         Mongolka                 Gyliak                             Tunguz                                         Anu                                   Sart
     Bashkir                             Lezgin                        Armenian                   Mingrel          Georgian                Tatar                    Turkmen                    Finn
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                        Manchu        Korean                Chinese                           Kurd                      Volyak       Estonka          Avor                  Persian