Russian Porcelain Egg
Joseph & baby Jesus
Russian Easter Egg
Archangel Gabriel
Russian Imperial Porcelain Eggs
St. Sergei Radonejhh
Russian Porcelain Egg
Russian Easter Egg
Ioan Bogoglov
Russian Porcelain Egg
Kazan Cathedral
Russian Topographical Egg
Pavlovsk Palace
Russian Porcelain Egg
View of St Petersburg
Porcelain Waster Egg
View of  Palestine
View of Jerusalem's
Castle of David - IFZ egg
Russian Aivazovsky
Easter egg
Imperial Russian Porcelain Easter Eggs
Cyphers of Empress Alexandra
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Tzar Nicholas II
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Empress Maria
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Princess Tatiana
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Prince Alexey
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Imperial Russian Porcelain Easter Eggs - Olga (St Helena) - Великая Княгиня Ольга
St Nicholas
St Dmitry
St Filaret Milostivy
Jesus Christ
St Maximillian
Alexander Nevsky
Emperor Constantine
St Paul
We collect and appraise Russian Imperial porcelain Easter eggs.
The following are some fine examples. If you have one for sale or would like a free appraisal, please
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