Joseph Karl Stieler (1781-1858) was a famous 19th century portraitist and the favorite painter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria who devoted his picture gallery
(the 'Schonheitsgalerie' in the Schloss Nuremberg, Munich, Germany) to beautiful women of his kingdom. The King personally selected the subjects and
commissioned Stieler to paint their portraits. As a reward for their cooperation, the women received the dresses in which they were painted.
Stieler painted
36 women from 1827-1842; their portraits are still on view at the Schloss Nurenberg.
They were widely reproduced on Royal Vienna porcelain plates. The following are some spectacular examples.

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Charlotte von Hagn
9 ½". Plate signed Wagner
Helene Sedlmayer
9 ½". Plate signed Wagner
Amalie Freiin von Kruedener
Portrait plate signed Wagner
Sophie, Princess of Bavaria
9 ½". Plate signed Wagner
Anna Willmayer
9 ½". Hutschenreuther
Cornelia Petterlein
9 ½".
Royal Vienna plate
Caroline von Holnstein
9 ½". Hutschenreuther plate
Countess of  Waldbott-Bassenheim
9 ½". Heubach. Wächter
Anna Kaula
9 ½".
Royal Vienna plate
Marie Konigin v. Bayern
9 ½". Royal Vienna by Wagner
Auguste Strobl
9 ½". Royal Vienna by Wagner
Regina Daxenberger
9 ½". Heubach. Wächter
Lady Jane Erskine
9 ½". Hutschenreuther. Wagner
Katharina Botzaris
9 ½". Heubach portrat plate
Alexandra Amalie von Bayern
9 ½". Heubach. Wächter
Grafin v. Landsfeld
9 ½". Heubach. Wächter
Jane Elizabeth Digby
9 1/2" Heubach
Amalie von Schintling
9". Beehive mark. Wagner
Crescentia Bourgin
9 ½". Royal Vienna by Wagner
Irene von Pallavicini
9 ½". Royal Vienna by Wagner
Josepha Conti
9". Thallmaier
Friederike von Gumppenberg
9". Thallmaier
Marianna Marquesa Florenzi
9.5" Hutschenreauther
Wilhelmine Sulzer
9 ½". Royal Vienna by Wagner
Anna von Greiner
9". Thallmaier cabinet plate
Emilie Milbanke
9". Thallmaier
Antonia Wallinger
9". Thallmaier
Lady Theresa Spence
9". Thallmaier
Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria
The daughter of a royal chief accountant. The King wrote a number of poems to her:)
Elisabeth List
9 ½".
Heubach. Wächter
Maria Dietsch
9 ½". Heubach
Maximiliane Borzaga
9 ½". Royal Vienna. Wagner
Isabella Gräfin von Tauffkirchen
9 ½". Heubach. Wächter
The daughter of the tailor. She was licensed to work as a seamstress, and eventually married the editor of the Augsburger Evening Newspaper, Georg Sprecher. She's 15 in this portrait which was the last painting Stieler produced for the Gallery of Beauty. May have been a rushed selection:)
Born and raised as Baroness von Spiering, Caroline was actually the daughter of King Ludwig's brother Carl. She married Baron von Holnstein, the royal chamberlain, but eventually left him for her lover Baron von Künsberg. She's 19 years old in this painting
Austro-Hungarian noblewoman, married an Austrian count Arco-Steppberg, later divorced
At 20, she was invited by King Ludwig to model for Stieler so that aristocrats might also be included in the collection and raise its value in the eyes of the public, by portraying women of all social classes. She wears an Italian renaissance costume to emphisize her Italian background.
Caroline Lizius
9 ½". Heubach plate. Wächter
Auguste Ferdinande, Princess of Bavaria
- Signed Wagner
Cathilde Frieiin v. Jordan
9 ½". Royal Vienna. Wagner
Rosalie Julie von Bonar
9 ½". Royal Vienna. Wagner
King Ludwig wrote with great enthusiasm about her beautiful profile, and insisted that she be painted in profile unlike the rest of the girls in the Beauty Gallery. She was 19 when The portrait was painted.
Daughter of Royal Bavarian Chamberlain Baron von Jordon and Violanda, Grafina von Sandizell. She was a maid of honor in the Order of Saint Theresia. She married Baron von Beust, a succussful politician and Austrian Court Minister for Saxony. He later became the ambassador to London and Paris. Painted at the age of 20.
Portrayed at age of 22 as Sappho, the Greek lyric poet from the island of Lesbos, she wears the traditional Greek robes and a crown of laurel, and holds a lyre
Daughter of Court Theater Manager and a dancer at the Royal Court Theater. Portrayed at age of 17 as Hebe, the Goddess of youth and was described by King Ludwig I in his sonnet
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Antique Royal Vienna porcelain plates hand painted with portraits after Joseph Stieler.
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