Pate-Sur-Pate Plaque "Putti in Flight"
3 5/8" x 7 5/8". Marc Louis Solon. c1907
Oct'00. Christie's. $3,500
Plaque by Solon
7 ¼ x 5 ¾
Feb'15. Christie's. Est £1,500
Exhibition Pate-Sur-Pate Plaque "The Reck"
8 ¼" x 15 ¾". Marc Louis Solon
Oct'04. Christie's. Est: $10,000 - 15,000
Pair of Moon Flasks with Putti
10 ¼". Good cond. c1873
Oct'03. Sotheby's. Est 10k
Pilgrim Flasks with cupids on butterflies
7 ½". Signed MLS
Nov'11. Sotheby's.
Pair of Piligrim Bottles "Blind Love"
10 ¼". Marc Louis Solon
Oct'04. Christie's. Est 10k
Pair of vases
19". c1877
Nov'11. Sotheby's. Est 50k
Pair of vases "War & Peace"
18". c1871. Good condition
Oct'01. Christie's. Est 35k
Minton Pate-Sur-Pate vases by Solon
9 ½". 1870. Signed MLS Shape 487
Apr'08. Sotheby's. Est $8000
Pair of vases by L. Solon
20 ¼". "Fire and Water"
Oct'04. Christie's. Est: 50k
Pair of vases by L. Solon
20". Model 2351
Oct'12. Christie's. Est: 60k
Olive-green Plaque
8 ½ x 6". c1880
Oct'00. Christie's. $3,200
Pilgrim Bottle
10 ½". Shape 1348
Apr'12. Christie's. Est 15k
'Araignées' Moon Flask
6". Ok cond. 1875
Oct'04. eBay. $5,000
Pate-sur-pate Vase
9 ¼". Late 19c
Jul'05. Skinner. $6,500
Plate "Muse" by L. Solon
9 ½". Perfect cond.
Oct'04. Christie's. Est 5k
Cup and saucer
Good cond. c1890
Oct'00. Christies. 4k
Pair Vases 'Flies and Birds'
18 ¼". Good cond. c1898
Oct'03. Sotheby's. $33,000
Vase "Siren"
Good cond. c1901
Nov'01. Sotheby's. 14k
Pair of vases
15 ½". Late 19c
Jul'05. Skinner. 28k
Pair of Vases
Apr'12. Christies. Est 40k
Pair of Exposition vases
20 ¼". 1879. Good cond
Oct'06. Christie's. Est: 80k
Pair of vases
16". c1884. Good cond
Apr'05. Christie's. Est: $50,000
Pair 'Hostess& Traveller'
16". c1877. Good cond
Apr'05. Christie's. Est: $50,000
Pair of Zodiac vases
16". c1883
Apr'05. Christie's. Est: $50,000
17.5". c1876
Oct'11. Christie's. 80k
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