Meissen Vase
Meissen vase with
topographical view
Meissen Vase
applied flowers
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Meissen Vase
Military subject
Covered bottle
Bottle applied
Meissen Vases Pate-Sur-Pate
Check out some great examples of antique Meissen porcelain vases.
While they were usually made in pairs, finding an original pair of vases is hard,
and if  you do have a pair, the vases are worth more than singles.
To see more examples of Meissen
Pate-Sur-Pate and French Enamel style vases,
and other Meissen items, please click on the links on the right.
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French Enamel style Meissen vases
Antique Meissen Vases
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Covered Vase
Pair of Meissen urns with lion and snake handles
Day and NIght
Meissen vase Roses
by Braunsdorf
Meissen vases with mythological paintings c.1865
Meissen vase G125
Mythological Painting
Meissen vase D153
arbor Scene
Meissen vase E103
Mythological Painting
Pate-sur-pate Vase
14". Model H11
Meissen vase with Royal
Meissen Vase P35a
Wedgwood Style 35 cm
Meissen vase Q23
Jasper ware style
Meissen vase L191
Meissen Pate-Sur-Pate Vase
. 10 1/2"
Vase A119
Topographical view
Egg C162
Vase N135b
Vase K112
Jar X58
Flacon - F138