U122 - Sealion by Otto Jarl
W131 - Chrubs playing
U133, U134 - Woman and Man
by Theodor Eichler
U148 - Meissen Cupid
U179 - Sitting child with a
picture book by Hentschel
U150 - Baby Girl on a pillow by
U156 - Hunter with dogs
U159 - Voulchers
U170 - Meissen platter
U176 - Woman
by Eichler
U177 - Owl
U178 - Fox with duck
U180 - Meissen
Bisque Plaque
U182 -  Konig
Learning to skate
U183 - Kingfisher
Paul Walther.
U184 - Falcon
U185 - Three Flamingoes
U186 - Three Flamingoes
U187 - Fox
by Paul Walther
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U137, U138 - Girl and Boy with  
apples by Eichler
U141x - Meissen girl at the
crib by Hentschel
U145 - Dachshund
U146 - Cat by Otto Jarl
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next to the blue crossed swords mark. It's either a capital letter followed by numeric digits or just a numeric number.
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U189 - Meissen Clock