J2, J3 - Meissen Wine Press figural groups
with children
J8 - Meissen Diana
the Huntress
J9 - Appolo
and Daphne
J10 - Meissen
Zephyr & Flora
J11 - Meissen
classical group
J42, J77 - Pair of Meissen classical figural
porcelain groups
J70, J82 - Meissen groups of cupid punished, getting his
wings clipped and bound
J80, J81 - Meissen Pair of
hunters with dogs
J113, J114 - Pair of
Hunter figures
J121, J122 - Rabbits
J182, J183
J186 - Day
J187 - Morning
J65 - Love and reward
Mother with a baby
J66 - Love punished
Mother spanking baby
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next to the blue crossed swords mark. It's either a capital letter followed by numeric digits or just a numeric number.
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