U149 - Sitting child with a
picture book
U150 - Child on a pillow
W117 - Child with a
W118 - Child with
blue-onion cup
W119 - child riding
a stick
W120 - child in
newspaper cap
W121 - Meissen girl
with cat in her arms
The following are porcelain figurines of children designed for Meissen by Konrad Hentschel around
1905. In their Art Nouveau manner, they were genuinely refreshing compared to the "old" porcelain
figures produced by Meissen thruout 19th century.  Note the realistic clothing. The kids are dressed
for playing, and accurately show the child fashion before 1910.
These figures became an instant success for Meissen resulting in on and off production thru 20th
They also inspired other artists who worked for Meissen, to create their own Art Nouveau children
The value of each figure depends on condition, age and rarity. The average is about $1,000.    
W122 - Hentschel child sleeping
on a dog
W123 - Meissen Hentschel
child with dog
W124 - Meissen girl with
a doll stroller
X164 - child
dragging a doll
W165 - two children playing with sand forms
W166 - four kids with a doll on a bench
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