E95 - Girl with Doll
E94 - Boy with hobby-horse
F32 - Girl with arrow
F33 - Boy with cross-bow
F49 - Girl with book & watch
F49 - Boy tied to chair
F51 - Girl with music script
F51 - Boy with cherries
F50 - Girl with dog & mirror
F50 - Boy with dog
C28 - Girl sewing
C28 - Boy reading a book
F67 - Meissen boy & girl with
garland of applied flowers
C79, C90 - Meissen girls
with a doll and a toy
F31 - Meissen boy and girl
badminton players
B94 - Girl feeding cat and
Boy with dog and hula hoop
Meissen produced a number of adorable children figurines. While they were designed in 18th century and show
kids wearing elaborate 18th century clothing, most of figurines we see on the market today were made in late 19th
century. They usually come in pairs of a boy and a girl engaging in similar activities. Single figurines go for about
$1,000 each.
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