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The following are porcelain figurines of children and young adults designed for Meissen by various sculptors following Hentschel's lead.
In their Art Nouveau manner, they were genuinely refreshing compared to the classical porcelain figures produced by Meissen thruout 19th century.  
The value of each figure depends on condition, age and rarity. The average is about $1,000.    
U137 -Eichler
Girl with apples
U138 - Eichler
Boy with apples
W129 - Alfred
Konig - Boy
Y130 - Alfred König
Girl with Chickens
R147 - Adolf Rehm
Meissen Boy with geese
V113 - Erich Höse
Boy with dog
Z134 - Bochmann
Girl with a goat
V114 - Erich Höse
Girl with goat
A224 - Frieda Strauss
Kids with the picture book
A232 - Emmerich Oehler
Child with toy train
A233 - Oehler
Child with toy
A234 - Rumrich
Meissen Child & dog
Y191 - Max Bochmann
Meissen Girl with cow
B214 - Girl playing
with a doll
F269 -  Child with
cubes by Konig
C293 - Max Bochmann
Meissen Dog trainer
Y181 - Alfred
König - Sisters
B234 - Konig
Mother & girl
B289 - Konig
Girl and boy
B290 - Konig
Two girls
S137 - Boy teaching
girl to play flute
W114 - Bother and
W130 - Theodor Eichler
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Z195 - Alfred König
Ice Skaters
Z196 - Alfred König
Ice Skaters
Z194 - Alfred König
Woman Ice Skater
U182 - Alfred Konig
Learning to skate
Q155 - Ice Skating couple
W125, X161 - Girl figurines
Y122, Y149 - Helmig
Girls with Cherry and Mirror
X102 - Girl
with a hoola hoop
X101 - Boy
with a hoola hoop
Y180 -  Helmig
Girl with bag
                                 Q143, Q144 - Tennis Players
Q114, Q115
W131 & W132 - Alfred König
Boy throwing a snowball at a girl
D274, D275
D212, D213 -  Alfred Konig
Dancing Couples
B287, B288 - Alfred Konig
Boy and Girl with a kite
X187, X188 - Alfred Konig
Boy and Girl with apple
Z199 - Oehler
Meissen Boy f
eeding rabbit
A247 - Boy with rabbits
Boy with cat
B236 - Alfred Konig
W115 - 3 Women playing
Blind Man
's Bluff by Eichler