Made In Germany
This short article covers a German porcelain factory that operated either right before (in early 1910s) or right after World War I
(in 1920s), and produced a large number of hand painted porcelain plaques for export to the United States and other countries.
They marked their plaques with a characteristic round red MADE IN GERMANY stamp.  
The majority of their plaques are rectangular 6" by 4", and decorated with Middle Eastern or Gypsy female subjects which were
very popular at the time.
In addition to the red stamp, there are usually the names of the original painting and artist written in blue script on the back, along
with some paper stickers attached.
Another very characteristic feature for these plaques is overglaze gilt highlights.
The quality of the paintings varies from excellent to very poor. However, even when the quality of the painting is great, it's very
easy to tell these plaques apart from KPM who used deeper colors and glaze and no gilt highlights.
There is an interesting twist here though. Apparently, this factory also used some KPM blanks.
Click here to see the plaque that
was clearly decorated outside KPM and carries both the KPM scepter mark and the round red stamp.
Below are some examples of the porcelain plaques produced by this factory. Their values range from $500 to $2,000 depending
on the quality of painting and subject.
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